OrgPlus 8 Highlights

OrgPlus 8 contains the following enhancements:

Optimize Branch Styles

The Optimize Branch Style command in the Chart menu lets you select from four different branch styles, and apply the selected branch style to the entire chart or the active sub-chart. You can also override the default sort order for the chart.

Box Layout Enhancements

The Layout Options available through Box Properties now include many new features, including the ability to create multi-column, multi-record boxes, and select vertical alignment options for cells within a box.

Archive Charts

You can now archive charts when you refresh data, either manually or during a schedule refresh. You can also schedule charts to be archived on a daily or weekly basis. If you perform multiple refresh operations per day, the archive will being updated until the end of the day. A new archive file will be created on each subsequent day. The same is truly for weekly archive operations.

Send to OrgPlus OnDemand

You can now send your chart data, formulas, and conditional formatting to OrgPlus OnDemand, the web application that is hosted by HumanConcepts through which you can share any chart over the Web. Choosing the Send to OrgPlus OnDemand starts a wizard, which guides you through the process.

Standardized Hyperlinks

OrgPlus now includes more standardized hyperlink behavior. When no boxes are selected in a chart, the mouse cursor changes to a hand when hovered over a hyperlink. Clicking the mouse activates the link. When one or more boxes are selected, the Ctrl+Shift tooltip appears, and activates the link.

Formula Enhancements

To improve the appearance of charts that contain formula fields, you can select an option to hide formula fields in boxes if the calculated value is zero.

Comparing Charts

You can now generate more readable reports when comparing two charts. The Verbose Report displays the changes between your charts in a more readable format. This makes it easier to update changes in your system of record.

Summary Panel

The new Summary Panel lets you display the results of formula fields that have the range set to the entire chart. Examples of such formulas are "total headcount at a location," "total salary for a department," and similar values.

Color Scheme Options

You can now choose from three color schemes to display the OrgPlus 8 interface: Microsoft Office 2007 Silver, Blue, or Black.