Sending Your Chart to OrgPlus OnDemand

OrgPlus OnDemand is an application hosted by HumanConcepts that enables you to share organizational data and charts over the Web. When you send a chart to OnDemand, the data that is sent includes:

When you send a chart with the same name as one that exists in OrgPlus OnDemand, it automatically performs a data refresh on the chart.

When you license OrgPlus Desktop, you automatically get a free OnDemand account. You should have received your email and password information from HumanConcepts, which enables you to register and start using OrgPlus OnDemand.

After you initially send a chart to OnDemand, you can schedule regular updates to OnDemand for that chart. See Creating Tasks for more information.

Note: To use OrgPlus OnDemand, you must have an Internet connection. If you did not receive your account information, please contact Technical Support through our website at

To send chart data to OnDemand:

1   Choose File > Send to OnDemand or click the Send to OnDemand icon in the Standard toolbar  .

2   In the Login screen, enter your E-mail address and Password.

If you have not created an account yet, or want to create a new account, click the Create an Account link to retrieve your e-mail and password information.

If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot Password and HumanConcepts will send the password to you in an email.

3   Select the option Remember me to have OrgPlus automatically populate the Login fields instead of having to re-enter your information.

4   Click the Login button.

5   Select which organization applies to you.

6   If you want to rename the chart, enter a new filename.

7   Select the option Launch browser when finished.

8   Click the Finish button to open OrgPlus OnDemand.

The OrgPlus OnDemand main window opens, displaying a list of sample charts, as well as any charts you created previously.

For more detailed information on how to use OrgPlus OnDemand, click the Help link at the top-right of the window.

Note: Some type of field data are excluded when you send chart data to OrgPlus OnDemand. These include formula fields with allocations and occurrences.